The No B.S. Inner Circle Membership:

No B.S. Inner Circle is a membership community of entrepreneurs and business owners growing their businesses with Magnetic Marketing®. Founded by marketing legend Dan Kennedy in 1993, No B.S. has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses attract new customers that pay, stay, and refer. No B.S. Members hail from 50 US states and 67 countries on 6 continents.

We support our Members with our famous, no holds barred “No B.S” teachings and monthly No B.S. Marketing Letter, the longest continuously published monthly marketing newsletter for entrepreneurs and business owners in the world. No B.S. Events provide in-person education and networking on marketing and business growth topics. No B.S. Mastermind & Coaching Groups comprise a diverse group of business owners that meet regularly to share insights and learn from each other.

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No B.S. Member Levels Gold Gold Luxury Diamond
Monthly No B.S. Marketing Letter by Dan Kennedy mailed to your front door X X X
Monthly No B.S. Gold Letter & CD mailed to your front door X X X
Bi-monthly No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent Letter by Dan Kennedy mailed to your front door X X
Bi-monthly No B.S. Authority Marketing Letter mailed to your front door X X
Monthly No B.S. Diamond Letter & Live Call and CD with Dan Kennedy X
Weekly Diamond Fax by Dan Kennedy X
Monthly Magnetic Marketing Master Class X
Monthly Master Class How-To Hot Sheet X
Bi-monthly Entrepreneur’s Library Book Club mailing including Q&A webinar with author X
Complimentary Info Product Each Year X
No B.S. Member Portal "Archives Access" X
Superconference & Summit Registration Discounts 20% 25% 40%
Diamond Desert Reception @ Events X
Diamond Lounge @ Events X
Annual Membership (1-Pay and save!) $719 $1,199 $3,119
Monthly Membership $59.97 $99.97 $259.97


To join the No B.S. Inner Circle, please call 800-871-0142 and speak to one of our business consultants.


The Information Marketing Association

Is the membership community for Information Marketers and business owners growing their businesses with Info-First Marketing. Founded by marketing legend Dan Kennedy, the Information Marketing Association has helped hundreds of information marketers start, grow and thrive with information marketing. The Information Marketing Association Membership includes the monthly best practices audio interview and The No B.S. Info-Marketing Letter and the info-Marketing Special reports written by Dan Kennedy. To join the Information Marketing Association click here.

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Late last year Facebook opened up the ability to use Facebook Messenger to reach your prospects, customers and clients. A lot changed in the first few months, and many have been hesitant to jump on board with this newest traffic source. We have an expert who has been teaching Facebook Messenger since day 1 who is sharing what’s working, what’s not working, what you need to do to start using messenger and how he has exploded multiple businesses by using these uncharted waters.


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